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Piano Music & Song Trio - Despite And Still

System Dialing Records

Piano Music & Song Trio - Despite And Still

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You of your gentleness, I of my rashness, both of despair -- Yet still might share this happy will: To love despite and still.

-Robert Graves

 This collection of songs invites the listener to revisit experiences of loneliness, seclusion, reconciliation, and happiness regardless of external circumstances. Save for song titles and a couple of cryptic guest vocal appearances, all lyrical (literary) cues have been removed, leaving behind the now-revitalized lyrical (musical) content to guide us out of the wilderness.

 Arrangements of these selections were developed as, and are realizations of the crafts of orchestration, improvisation and ensemble performance (listening).

 Jordan McLean - trumpet, flugel horn, orchestrations, Derin Oge - piano, Anneke Schaul-Yoder - violoncello 

Recorded June 10th, 2010 by Jonathan Jetter and Ryan Streber at Oktaven Studios, Yonkers, NY

Mixed July 22nd/23rd 2011 by Jonathan Jetter and Jordan McLean at Black Dog Studios, Stillwater, NY

Mastered by Jonathan Jetter at Right Angle Recordings

Produced by Jordan McLean


Photo by Tatiana McCabe, Album Art by Michelle Li at Linolade

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