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Three of NYC's most eccentric and influential groove outlaws join forces to converse in "percussionese"

Rhythmos is the self-titled debut album of the NYC-based
percussion trio featuring Billy Martin (MMW, John Scofield,
John Lurie and the Lounge Lizards), Cyro Baptista (Sting, Paul
Simon, Herbie Hancock, Yo Yo Ma), and Amir Ziv (Droid,
Kotkot, New Vocabulary, Pop It!, Directors, Tympanum).

Heavy grooves, textural soundscapes, and everything in between, take the listener on a sonic/rhythmic journey that exhilarates both body, mind, and soul.

Ziv, Baptista, and Martin have previously collaborated in each other's bands, and have now created their own unique environment for further musical dialog.

The album consists of 14 meticulously recorded and mixed live tracks from concerts in NYC. Their live performances are a thrilling spectacle, enhanced by live film scoring to original motion picture creations by Billy Martin. The group uses their voices and instruments from around the world, including the kitchen sink!

Artwork by Jim Schuessler
Mixed by Abe Seiferth

Produced by Amir Ziv

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